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    How do you currently assess success?

    Adaptive questioning and revision assignments to fine tune your students’ study and benchmark their performance.

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What is ExamPrep?

ExamPrep is a powerful exam preparation and simulation tool from Elsevier  in collaboration with Learning Objects Inc’s Difference Engine. It guides students through thousands of high quality practice questions, each levelled with difficulty and aligned with specific learning outcomes and supporting content from Elsevier’s leading textbooks.

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  • Deans

    For deans who want to assess performance across the curriculum.

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  • eLearning Managers

    For eLearning managers wanting to introduce an adaptive testing and assessment tool into the curriculum.

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  • Faculty

    For faculty who want to provide personalised learning support.

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  • Librarians

    For librarians who want to recommend a trusted, adaptive learning tool.

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Implementation is easy

ExamPrep is an ideal tool for assessing and improving student performance.

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Why Adaptive?

Adaptive learning has the potential to address a wide range of student learning needs, while moving all students toward desired competencies.

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