• Personalised Learning Personalised learning involves customising the learner experience based on students' goals, desired outcomes, schedules and performance. Personalisation technology, such as ExamPrep's Learning Planner, enables the creation of prioritised, scheduled times for study and remediation for learners.

  • Adaptive learning Adaptive learning goes beyond personalisation, driving learners quickly and effectively towards mastery of topics. ExamPrep uses item response theory and machine learning to guide learners through banks of thousands of high-quality practice questions, each levelled with difficulty and aligned with specific learning outcomes and remediation content.

  • ExamPrep's Mastery Levels With each additional answer, ExamPrep learns more about students' current level of mastery. Mastery is broken into three levels that correspond to low, medium, and high performance. At any given time, ExamPrep uses the learner's performance history to calculate the probability that the learner is at Level 1, 2, or 3 of mastery.

Explaining Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning has the potential to address a wide range of student learning needs, while moving all students toward desired competencies. Adaptive learning systems meet students where they are in their own learning process and help them take responsibility for their own learning.