eLearning Managers

For eLearning Managers who want to recommend a trusted, adaptive learning tool, ExamPrep dynamically creates personalised learning plans to progress  students towards exam success. Unlike other revision tools, ExamPrep provides instant results and feedback from Elsevier’s leading textbooks.

What does ExamPrep do Benefits for eLearning managers
Adaptive Technology ExamPrep offers a baseline diagnostic test to find students‘ levels of understanding  and continuously adapts to deliver targeted questions and rationales to challenge the stronger students –  while simultaneously remediating students who need extra support. Based on ability and understanding of concepts, ExamPrep drives students through levels of difficulty to achieve 3 levels  of mastery for exam success.
Peer reviewed questions, answers with rationales from Elsevier’s trusted content Our questions are mapped to undergraduate curricula, with rationales for why answers are right and wrong. Questions are created by authors who are leaders in their field – enabling students and faculty to use ExamPrep with confidence. Only ExamPrep offers further extended explanations selected from Elsevier’s most trusted sources, which include Kumar and Clark, Medical Sciences, Davidson’s, the Crash Course Series and Gray’s Anatomy for Students
Learning Planner for students Learning Planner enables students to build revision timetables based on time available to study and test/exam dates. Alternatively, students can skip planning and just take practice tests. Revision sessions are organised in bite size chunks by day, week and month. Based on progression through personalised learning plans, ExamPrep adapts to deliver questions of increasing difficulty to improve results.
 Assignment Creation from trusted Elsevier content, and automated marking Questions are mapped to  curricula, and  are created by expert authors  familiar with undergraduate exams – allowing faculty to use ExamPrep with confidence. Alternatively, faculty can create their own questions for assignments. Quick and easy assignment creation with automated marking  enables faculty to  “set and forget” and focus on providing personalised learning support.
Performance Statistics Quizzes are automatically graded and provide in- depth reports on performance for both faculty and students. ExamPrep provides  a history of student quiz statistics at a granular level, such as average time spent on task, questions answered correctly, and questions skipped –  to enable students  and faculty to monitor performance and  learning outcomes.
PocketPrep ExamPrep is available offline and is device agnostic – enabling students to engage with courses on and off campus to maximise revision opportunities and exam performance.